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Confidence When SEing



The Importance Of Having Confidence When Social Engineering.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this Is the most crucial commodity In the world of social engineering, and those who've been In the scene for many years, will know exactly why It's an Integral part of every SE'er. If you have a very low level of confidence or lack It In Its entirety, you may as well forget about social engineering altogether and pursue another form of Interest. You see, In order to SE a given person Into doing something that they're not supposed to do, It requires a high degree of manipulative skills to get them to perform their actions successfully. If you don't have the confidence to do this, "your train of thought will be Interrupted", thus cause you to "lose direction" and totally mess up the task your aiming to achieve.

For Instance, have you ever physically attended a job Interview and upon exiting the building, you thought to yourself: "I should've answered his questions differently" or perhaps you were quite nervous resulting In taking a number of deep breaths along the way?  I'd say your answer Is "Yes" to either or both of these! "Confidence Is all about believing In yourself" and as such, you would've responded to all questions accordingly, and your anxiety level would have been down to a minimum. Social engineering Is no different- "If you have faith In yourself and believe In your abilities, then failure Is not an option". The SE will go your way on every occasion.

So how do you develop confidence, to the point of feeling secure In knowing that you're well and truly able to social engineer anyone on any scale? Well, there are no hard and fast rules and to be honest, It all comes down to personal experience. There Is however, one very Important factor that I'd like you to take on board with every SE, and that Is: "Never go In with a negative attitude"- period! The moment you do, your SE has failed before It had the chance to begin. Always, and I mean "always" have a positive outlook and never think that the entity you're planning to SE Is difficult- because they're not. Everyone can be SEd, It's just a matter of "how confident you are" In your abilities as an SE'er.