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Always Have A Positive Attitude

Always Have A Positive Attitude With Every SE.

As with everything In life, be It attending a job Interview and asked an array of questions pertaining to how to troubleshoot problematic Issues, or sitting for an exam In the final year of college that will determine where your future Is heading, In order to fulfill the task at hand, It's of the utmost Importance to "have a positive attitude" right from the get-go. The very same applies to all facets In the social engineering sector, regardless of whom you're planning to SE. Whether It's an Individual over the phone by manipulating him to read out the 4 digit PIN code to the entrance of a Fortune 500 company located In the next building to where you work, or SEing a representative/agent of an online retailer to credit your account for the cost of an Item that you don't have to begin with, they both require an exceptional set of skills to get the job done. You may well and truly have the skill set, but If you don't have the right frame of mind to go with It, then your attack vector will fail before It has the chance to begin! 

I cannot stress enough the Importance to not only "go In with a positive attitude" when social engineering , but of equal (If not greater) value, Is to "maintain It" throughout the entire session, and towards the final stages of concluding your attack. In other words, you must ensure that you have the same level of consistency without any negativity whatsoever. The moment your attitude declines, you will start to "lose confidence" which will lead to "losing control" and when this happens, It will have a significant Impact on your ability to make "the correct decisions". As such, the most simplistic of tasks will become very difficult to work with and ultimately, your SE "WILL fail". It's Imperative to establish a positive outlook and the way you do this, Is to change your behavior towards how you Interpret every situation

We're all accountable and responsible for our own actions, hence the equation Is pretty simple- get rid of all negative thoughts and don't think for one minute that the SE Is difficult In any way, shape or form. Because It Isn't! Anyone and anything can be social engineered, Irrespective of Its nature and the obstacles that lie ahead. Trust me, there Is not one single entity that cannot be circumvented- they're all vulnerable to exploitation In some capacity, however If you don't believe In yourself and your abilities as an SE'er, then you may as well look for another pastime. The mind Is the most powerful tool In the art of human hacking- It's just a matter of utilizing It to your advantage by "having a positive attitude every step of the way!". This Is the deciding factor of success or failure.