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Being In Control


Must Always Be In Control When Social Engineering.


Generally speaking, when you social engineer a huge company to the likes of Amazon or Logitech with the Intention of getting a refund, every representative you speak to or get In contact with, will call the shots by telling you how your claim will be handed. Because they have certain protocols to follow, this Is standard practice, but this means that you're dancing to their tune (so to speak) and "allowing them to dictate the progression of your claim". In other words, "the representative has the upper hand with your entire SE" and as a result, determines whether your refund Is approved. If you sit back and let this happen (and suspicion Is detected), then your SE Is destined to fail. It's Imperative that you "reverse the role by being In control right from the get-go".

As you're well aware, SEing Is all about "manipulation" and to execute this effectively and also maintain It throughout your attack, "you MUST be In control", there's no Ifs or buts about It. To this day, I come across so many SE'ers who research their target constructively, formulate their method flawlessly, and execute the attack perfectly- only to find themselves requesting assistance on an Internet forum for days on end. If they took command of the SE Immediately after the execution, and dominated the conversation all the way through to the end, there's no reason to ask for help at any point In time. The SE would've succeeded before they had the chance to hit the send button when creating a thread. The message Is pretty clear-  "be In control and don't take 'no' for an answer". It's as simple as that.