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Decision Making

The Vital Role Of Making The Correct Decisions.


What you're about to read, relates to social engineering online retailers to the likes of ASOS, SteelSeries, Amazon, John Lewis etc for refunds and replacement Items. In order to significantly Increase the likelihood of a successful result, It's Imperative to make "the correct decision" throughout the entire SE and this works together with a few other elements as listed below. Collectively, you will formulate the perfect Ingredients to ensure that your attack vector runs smoothly from start to finish, and It all begins with "confidence".

Once you have all the "confidence" In the world, thereby you "take control" of your SE by manipulating a given representative to comply with your requests, you'll find that your "decision-making" will be second nature. You will no longer be In a scenario of thinking about what to say, and how to say It. That's because everything will be based on your terms and not the company's rep and as such, you'll react Instinctively to all events during the course of your SE. This Is due to being "confident" and "In control" of all circumstances surrounding your claim. But what happens If you lack In confidence and you're not In control?  Allow me to provide a simple example as follows.

It's all good when you're communicating via email- you have ample time to read & respond to messages, hence can think of the most appropriate reply at your leisure, but the same can't be said when chatting over the phone. This Is real-time conversation, whereby all discussions between yourself and the rep are Instant and anything you say, cannot be taken back. If you're hesitant and Indecisive about how to respond, It will lead your SE In a different direction, and that's most likely heading towards a negative outcome. All It takes Is a single error In judgment, and you may find that you'll terminate your SE way before It was due to finalize. This will not be the case when all the aforementioned attributes have been applied accordingly. Your capacity to make "snap decisions" by leaving nothing to chance will be second to none.