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Never Target Individual Sellers


Do Not Social Engineer Individual Sellers.

The term "social engineering" Is very broad and due to Its nature, It has the capacity to target just about any entity that comes your way and when It's performed effectively, you can achieve your objective with Incredible ease. Whether you plan to SE your doctor for a medical certificate to have time off work when you're not sick to begin with, or grab the cell phone number from a user on Facebook, by befriending them and asking to send you their number for better communication over the phone, they all have the same thing In common- "manipulating and exploiting the weakest link In the security chain, being the human firewall". The same applies to "company manipulation and exploitation", when SEing representatives who work In the claims department for online stores to the likes of Currys PC World or John Lewis- with the Intention of getting Items refunded or replaced.

That type of social engineering has developed rapidly, and Is known In today's world of SEing as "the new breed of human hacking". In fact, because of Its popularity, almost every online community Is predominantly discussing It, namely ways to circumvent their protocols and reps/agents so they can obtain goods without paying a single dime, or have their account credited for the cost of the purchased Item without returning It. It's all well and good when hitting companies on a large scale, whereby they'd simply mark the loss as a tax deduction or write-off hence there's no negative Impact on their financial state, however many SE'ers have no morals whatsoever and take things on a personal level by targeting Individual sellers, such as those selling stuff on eBay. This sort of behavior Is totally unacceptable and puts the meaning of "social engineering" In disgrace. 

Most sellers are trying to make a living, just like you and I when working a 9 to 5 job, yet some social engineers don't see It that way. Instead, their selfishness and greed for money takes over and as a result, they couldn't care less which person they SE nor the effect It has on their finances. As a matter of fact, I came across one particular member on the forum I'm registered with who literally said: "SEing someone for 5$, Is no different to SEing Amazon". Really? How can you possibly compare one seller to the largest eCommerce company In the world? The member In question, was Immediately attacked by fellow SE'ers who humiliated him In the presence of thousands of other users and rightly so- to think and act In that manner, Is appalling to say the least. The message Is pretty clear- never, and I mean "never" target Individual sellers. Period.