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Researching The Carrier


What To Look For When Researching Carriers.

In terms of social engineering online retailers to the likes of Argos, Logitech, Amazon, ASOS, etc with the Intention to manipulate their representatives to provide refunds and replacement Items, the first port of call prior to even thinking about formulating your method, Is to perform an In depth "research". You can then prepare your method and execute your attack vector based on your findings. Evidently, the company's terms & conditions are part of this equation, but many SE'ers neglect the Importance of delving Into the "carriers" they use and how they serve the needs of their customers- In this case, yourself as the social engineer. What I'm predominantly referring to, Is If you're planning to use the "DNA" (Did Not Arrive) method, as well as "boxing" the company by sending only the box/package without anything Inside. There are other factors Involved, but It's beyond the scope of this article to cover the lot.

It's not too difficult at all to gather Information- just navigate to their website and have a read of their terms, or If what you're looking for Is not listed, simply give them a call as though you're a concerned customer and ask one of their agents to provide the answer. For example, If you're uncertain of the type of carrier a given company uses, tell the agent that you're really stressing about your package making Its way to the correct address and then ask "who will be responsible for the delivery". You'll find that your question will be fulfilled within a second or two! To help you along the way, apart from the last point, I've selected a few Important things that should be Included In just about every carrier's website. Of course, be sure to expand your search via your own volition, by looking for other details of relevance. 

  • Signature On Delivery- this will assist with the DNA method 
  • Do They Offer Non-Tracking- As per above with the DNA method, and also boxing. 
  • Return Labels- Identify how they can be manipulated. 
  • Damage Reports- Are they raised during transit. If not, It will help with the boxing method. 
  • Shipping Insurance- Will help with the DNA and missing Item method. 
  • Unacceptable Shipments- Will help when sending Items back that they refuse to accept. 
  • Loss Of Goods- See If they take responsibility. 
  • Inspection Of Packages- Do they have the right to open and Inspect all goods. 
  • Delivery Options- Identify If you have a choice, when not delivered to your address.
  • Are Photos Taken At The Premises- Prepare you with the DNA method.