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Familiarize Yourself With Social Engineering Terms.

When you first begin to blend In with communities who're actively discussing social engineering pertaining to "company manipulation and exploitation", such as obtaining refunds and replacement Items from online retailers,  you will find a lot of terms being posted In their abbreviated form. It could be on an Internet forum or via chat on Discord- they're all the same In how they present themselves. It's paramount to know what each abbreviation means, and precisely what It relates to. Why? Well, let's say you've posted a thread on a forum requesting assistance with an Item you're trying to social engineer. Sometime later, a member replies with: 'I've "SEd" them before and another "SE'er" I know was also successful, so use the "DNA" or "partial" method'.

The operative abbreviations are "SEd", "SE'er", "DNA" and "partial". This barely scratched the surface of what's discussed and posted by every user, hence If you're new to the "new breed of human hacking" (as mentioned In the opening paragraph above), you'd have no clue as to what these denote and as a result, will be totally confused with trying to Interpret and reply to the respective posts. It's of the utmost Importance to have sound knowledge of their definitions, Inclusive of how they're used and Interpreted between each social engineer

Now you may be thinking of hitting a Google search, but let me tell you that It doesn't Index these type of keywords, so your search query will be futile. It's way beyond the scope of this article to cover the lot, so please refer to my other blog here as a complete point of reference. It will take time to familiarize yourself with each and every term, but you must make a start the moment you get Into the aforementioned social engineering sector.