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The Three Different Types Of Social Engineers.

We're all different with the methodologies used, and the way we execute our attack vectors against the entity that we are social engineering at the time. Regardless of how complex the task may be, some SE'ers do It with an Incredible amount of ease, whilst others find It to be very challenging and as such, they seek the help of advanced social engineers to get the job done. As long as the objective Is achieved, like SEing someone for their credit card details by pretending to be an employee from their financial Institution or manipulating a representative who works for an online retailer to Issue a refund for an Item you don't even have, then that's all that matters. That said, not everyone accomplishes this on the same level, hence the purpose of this article, Is to give you an understanding of the three types of SE'ers, how they operate and why they're different from each other. You can then use the Information to either better your skill set, or help those In need of assistance. So let's begin.


Elite Social Engineers

These type of social engineers, function as though they were born to SE  any company on every level, Inclusive of every person they plan to manipulate, regardless of the complexities Involved. In fact, there Is nothing too difficult nor anything they're not capable of doing successfully. "Elite SE'ers never seek help from others", but rather provide assistance to anyone who requests It, and they keep doing so beyond expectations. They see the warning signs before they begin (so to speak), and circumvent every obstacle with Incredible ease, as well as complete any problematic Issue at their disposal. Put simply, "SEing Is second nature to elite social engineers"- seldom do they sit around and contemplate how to perform a particular SE, It all comes natural right from the get-go


Social Engineers Who Seek Help From Others

These type of SE'ers also have the knowledge to research their target effectively, gather Information of relevance and formulate & execute their method accordingly. For example, when the process begins at the claims department of the company and on the grounds It's not approved as yet, the rep will (obviously) reply with the details he requires from the social engineer to move forward with the claim. Now Instead of responding to his request, the SE'er will ask for help from fellow SE'ers, as to what should be done next. For the most part, "this Is repeated with every reply the SE'er gets from the company". Now It's not that the SE'er doesn't know what's going on, but Instead needs extra guidance along the way. The only difference between this type of social engineer and an elite SE'er, Is the "request for help". His attacks are equally effective, and so too Is getting the job done right. 


SE'ers Who Ask For Help But Lack Common Sense

If you haven't figured It out already, these types of social engineers are at the bottom of the table In the SEing sector, not because they don't have the knowledge to SE, but (for the most part) they simply lack common sense and good judgement. As with the category right above this, they will not only request assistance from other SE'ers, but "they'll keep asking questions over and over again, often repeating themselves In an annoying fashion". Why do they do this? It's pretty simple- the Information given to them doesn't register straight away and when It does, only then can they move forward with preparing and executing their social engineering attack vector. It's all well and good when they work with details given to them by other social engineers, but there are many occasions when they're confused with the most simplistic of tasks. If you're reading this from an advanced standpoint, be patient when you come across these type of SE'ers- they can be very frustrating to say the least.