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Choosing A Suitable Chat


Choosing The Correct Gateway Of Communication.

Generally speaking, a lot of social engineers predominantly focus on researching their target, as well as the methods used to prepare their SE and how to constructively execute their attack vector to help ensure a successful result. Without question, all this plays an Integral role with every SE, and each element works hand In hand and when used and applied against the nature of your victim, It leaves very little chance of failure. However, one of the most Important aspects to perform all this effectively, Is the way you communicate from one point to another and If you're not applying yourself accordingly, then your SE may well prematurely come to an end. As such, It's Imperative to "select a suitable gateway of communication" that's compatible with your skill set.

What I'm referring to, Is establishing a connection via "Live Chat", "shooting off an email" or stating the obvious, "contacting by phone"- all of which are equally effective but depending on the competence of the social engineer, each has Its pros and cons, which I'll explain In the next paragraph. As a result, It's paramount to "choose a chat gateway that you, as the SE'er, Is comfortable and most Importantly, 'confident' with". In doing so, this will lead the SE In the right direction during the attack and of greater value, finalize It to your advantage. It doesn't matter what entity you're planning to social engineer, be It manipulating your victim for their personal credentials or hitting Amazon for a replacement Item- If you're struggling to speak with your target, then your SE will fail!

So what's the best form of communication? Well, there Is no "best", but rather one that will allow you to tackle the conversation In an efficient and successful manner. For example, talking over the phone Is done In real time that requires an Instant response and If you're hesitant and somewhat nervous about your replies, then opt for another gateway, namely via email transmission. This gives you all the time In the world to think of the most appropriate answers. You can also ask for assistance on an Internet forum, by creating a thread and selecting the best reply thereafter.  On the other hand (where available), "Live Chat" could be your strong point, whereby your reaction time Is quick when It comes to translating your thoughts onto your computer's keyboard and addressing your target's message effectively. There Is no right or wrong- It's just a matter of Identifying the type of communication channel that's your "strength", and not your weakness. Ultimately, this will make all the difference between success and failure.