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Use Dumpster Diving To Get Info


How To Effectively Perform Dumpster Diving.

When you read about social engineering by hitting a Google search or sifting through posts on a message board/forum, It predominantly refers to grabbing confidential Information, Infecting the victim's computer with malware or exploiting online retailers for refunds and replacement Items. All this happens remotely In the comfort of the SE'ers home by formulating his method, executing his attack vector and ultimately succeeding with the task at hand. Irrespective of the target In question, It does take an exceptional set of skills to make sure that the SE gets off to a great start, as well as ensuring that It keeps heading In the right direction all the way through to locking In the result In the SE'ers favor. When social engineering In that type of environment, you have no control of what to expect from the entity you're SEing, thus complexities are Inevitably experienced, however the same cannot be said when performing "dumpster diving".

So what exactly Is "dumpster diving" and how Is It used? Well, I'm glad you've asked! If you're actively Involved In an online social engineering community, I'd say It's very safe to assume that you've never come across It before, and that's because members always SE using common gateways to the likes of email transmission, phone calls or live chat- all of which do not require physical Interaction. On the other hand, dumpster diving Is quite the opposite and when you have the tools and know-how on hand, you're In full control of what you're aiming to achieve. As Its name Implies, you as the SE'er, dives Into a dumpster with the Intention to go through all the trash, thereby grab paperwork (and the like) that contains sensitive details such as usernames, passwords, email addresses, date of births, Invoices, bank statements, credit card details, phone numbers and the list goes on. This Is typically done In a workplace environment, namely when the dumpster Is left outside the premises overnight In readiness for collection the next day.

You're not searching for specifics, but rather getting your hands on anything that has valuable Information that you can put to good use In some capacity. In order to do this efficiently and effectively, It's Imperative to utilize a systematic and well calculated approach, and here's how you do It. On the grounds that you've researched the company and established when the dumpster will be collected for disposal, you attend the night before, hence It's most likely to be full which Is exactly what you want- the more trash, the more details you can get your hands on! You've prepared yourself by taking a few plastic carry bags and a tiny, yet powerful flash light. Upon jumping Into the dumpster, you've placed the flashlight In your mouth, therefore "both hands are free" to allow you to sift through everything at your disposal, however It's not as simple as taking every single commodity. 

You'd want to get In and out as quick as possible, so you won't have time to sit there and see what Is/Is not worthy of snatching. This Is when you'll put your SEing skill set to good use. Most of the trash will be In bags and although you cannot clearly see what's Inside, you can certainly Identify what to grab as follows. If the bag feels heavy and somewhat damp, leave It be- It's most likely from the company's kitchen area and won't contain anything useful. If It feels very light with a rustling sound, then It'll contain papers- this Is precisely what you're after, so get as many as you can! As said, you're In a rush, thus the objective Is to take the bags with you at home. As such, you'll have all the time In the world to layout the paperwork and piece together the bits & pieces. Given you're In the comfort of your own home, there's no need to hurry- If need be, take an entire week! You'd be surprised at the nature of the Information that employees throw out.