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Set A Limit And Stick To It


Set A Limit With Every Social Engineering Session.

Whatever It Is you're aiming to achieve, be It running a 10 mile marathon In the fastest possible time that your fitness allows, or applying every available tweak & configuration to your computer to optimize It to the max, they all have a limit that cannot be exceeded- regardless of how hard you try and push beyond Its boundaries. The same can be said when social engineering any entity that comes to mind. You can only go so far to get what you're after before running out of options, such as building your target's Identity by obtaining his family & given name, date of birth, address and phone number- this Is all that's needed to formulate his profile. However, some SE'ers don't see It that way and rather than sticking to their Initial plan, they have no control of their actions and want more and more - In this case, grabbing the victim's credit card details and robbing him of his life savings which Is Indecent, Immoral and totally unacceptable from a social engineering standpoint.  

That's simply an example of what can happen In the complex world of human hacking, but In terms of "company manipulation & exploitation", namely SEing online stores to the likes of ASOS or Amazon for refunds and replacement Items, It's very much a reality to lose your perspective and keep hitting them for every dollar you can get Into your account. This Is a classic case of: "one Is never enough, and a thousand Is never too many". In other words, the more you get, the more you want, which can have serious consequences with legal ramifications for obtaining funds and goods via fraudulent means. This Is a commonality with advanced SE'ers who've been In the scene for many years, and due to their skill set to hit one successful SE after another, they completely disregard the severity of their behavior.

When social engineering a given company and manipulating their representative to Issue refunds and/or replacements, It's of paramount Importance to formulate a calculated and strategic approach, by setting "safe and realistic goals" with precisely how much you plan to refund as well as the number of Items you'd like to have In your possession.  The last thing you need, Is the Feds knocking on your door at 5:45 am with a warrant to search your premises, or In the worst-case scenario, reading out your legal rights while In the process of handcuffing you In readiness for a trip to the police station. And all this, Is because of your dangerously complacent attitude and neglect to apply your SE In the aforementioned manner. The message here Is pretty simple- "set a safe limit and stick to It". There's no excuse, nor Ifs, ands, or buts about It.