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So you've stumbled across this blog during your online travels, and probably wondering as to why It's been created, and rightly so. As per the domain name of: Manipulating.Net, everything you have the pleasure of reading, pertains to manipulating entities by using a very effective technique named "social engineering". If you've never come across social engineering or simply new to the scene, then you've come to the right place.

I won't bore you with lengthy details, hence this Is simple and straight to the point. My aim, Is to provide you with everything there Is to know of what Is expected from a social engineer to get the job done right- each and every time. In other words, "every social engineer must have certain elements" In order to successfully carry out the task(s) at hand, and that's what this entire blog relates to- "solely covering the attributes of a social engineer and how to build a foundation that will solidify what he/she Is looking to achieve".

 The art of human hacking, can be used to target an array of things such as grabbing the username & password from the person working In the HR department of your building, or manipulating representatives who work for online retailers to the likes of Amazon or John Lewis, with the Intention to get refunds and/or replacements. "It takes a high degree of skills to do this and without having the tools and know-how, the attack will fail before It had the chance to begin!". For the most part, I have not focused on the methods used to achieve the objective, but rather concentrated on "how the social engineer will apply himself to manipulate EVERY entity at his disposal".

Every topic that I've published on this blog, Is only a couple to a few paragraphs In length, with the Intent to deliver Its content In an efficient and simplistic manner. I don't operate on pumping out lengthy articles for the sake of filling space, thus give the Impression as though this blog Is packed with a lot of reading material. Instead, every word and each sentence Is based on "quality" to make your experience pleasant, beneficial and Informative. In closing, I'd like to reiterate that this Is all about "you, the social engineer and how to formulate & utilize your skill set In a highly productive fashion". Do remember that anyone and anything can be manipulated- It's just a matter of applying yourself accordingly.