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If you enjoy the content I've documented on this blog and wish to expand your knowledge In the social engineering sector, then I have no doubt that you'll find my other blogs extremely Informative. The first one that I will Introduce, contains very lengthy articles and predominantly focuses on manipulating representatives who work for online stores to the likes of Amazon, Logitech, Argos, SteelSeries and so forth. That said, It also details methodologies from a defensive standpoint- namely protecting your business or workplace and Its staff from falling victim to social engineering attacks. There are many other topics, but It's beyond the scope of this post to reference the lot. Do check It out as per the link below.



Not everyone Is online 24/7, and If you'd prefer to read every article In an offline state, then you can visit my other blog that contains all posts from the aforementioned blog In PDF files. For your convenience, I've provided 6 direct download links per topic, hence you can pick the one that's suited to your computing environment. At the time of writing, It's still In Its Infancy- meaning I've only recently created It, thus there's still a lot that needs to be added before It's deemed complete. When you've downloaded a given PDF, simply open It In any supported web browser. Microsoft Edge that's defaulted to Windows 10, does the job well. The URL Is named "", with "SEing" being short for "social engineering".